Education is a major priority for the residents and businesses of Dickson County. The entire community works toward preparing area youth for post-secondary education or immediate integration into the local workforce upon graduation. A top 25 school district in the state by enrollment, Dickson County School District has some of the highest achievement figures in the state. Within the county, more than 1 in 3 adult residents have an associate degree or higher and that figure is on the rise due to the increase in community-based post-secondary education options.

K-12 Education

The Dickson County School District is among the best school districts in the state. With a 96% graduation rate and total county graduates numbering more than 500 students annually, the workforce is being replenished every year. The county serves approximately 8,100 students in grades K-12 across 18 schools. The 591 certified classroom teachers are supported by 514 additional teachers and staff, along with 55 administrators.

Students receive traditional education skills throughout their time in Dickson County Schools and once they enter high school have the opportunity to explore the county’s Career & Technical Education program. The CTE program helps students discover career interests and develop skills to assist them in future employment beyond high school. Through Tennessee ThreeStar grants, $100,000 have been allocated to grow the CTE programs at Creek Wood and Dickson County High Schools since 2019, reinforcing the value in better preparing students for entering the workforce.

According to the school district, more than 80% of Dickson County high schoolers are taking at least one CTE course. CTE courses provide students with opportunities to blend academic knowledge with real life work experiences. Additionally, several local companies offer apprenticeships in collaboration with the school district.

Another option for Dickson County students is dual enrollment, which allows high school students to complete a college or technical education at an accelerated rate, earning high school and college credit simultaneously. Dual enrollment is offered in partnership with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology and with Austin Peay State University at the Bibb Center in White Bluff.

Dickson County residents may also choose to send their children to one of several accredited private schools in the area.

Workforce Development

Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT)

TCAT offers numerous technical workforce education programs in areas like industrial electrical maintenance, machine tool technology, mechatronics, HVAC, diesel powered equipment technology, welding and more.

TCAT Dickson maintains complete records of graduates and current students to make it easy for companies to identify well-trained and highly skilled workers already living in the area. 

The State of Tennessee provides a special benefit to the business and industrial communities in the state by offering custom employee training through the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. TCAT Dickson campus works with local employers to develop new, job-specific training courses designed to help your employees develop new skills and upgrade their existing skills.


Colleges & Universities

Dickson County’s premier location provides access to a wide range of post-secondary education institutions for residents and employers alike. Thanks to the three higher education options in Dickson County, and the dozens in the Greater Nashville area, attaining a degree close to home or finding an employee pipeline in the region has never been easier.

Locals looking to further their education have little trouble finding an academic program that fits their specific needs and desired field of study. For employers in nearly every industry, there’s a consistent supply of prospective employees graduating from some of the finest colleges and universities in the Southern U.S.

Nashville State Community College visit

offers over 80 programs across several industries, awarding associates of applied science degrees, technical certificates or transfer degrees in Dickson. These diverse options give students the ability to choose their academic path on their own terms. Whether it’s a one-year program to increase earning potential, starting fresh in a new career, or using as a launchpad to a four-year university, NSCC allows students to find a program that fits their needs.

Dickson County is also served by dozens of colleges, universities, and other higher education entities throughout the Greater Nashville Area.